A better way to buy cars. LAMB Finance leans on years of experience to guarantee you the best drive away price on any brand new car in Australia. With our state of the art fleet management systems we take the responsibility from your business and deliver an exceptional customer experience whether it be for an employee or a car purchased under your company. In a day and age “buyer beware” we give your peace of mind and you can trust that all car related administration is managed by industry leaders.

Novated Lease for Employees

Novated leasing, car procurement and innovated fleet management are great benefits to offer your employees. In todays current market employees are wiser and are demanding more than just financial reward. Benefits such as novated leasing can help you attract and retain the best talent. The Novated Leasing initiative can bring value to your business and staff. Whilst offering these benefits are great for employees, businesses are sometimes afraid of extra administrational duties and do not want the burden of having to employee more staff to manage the process. LAMB finance can help your business offer the benefits without having the administrational nightmare. We take on board the following responsibilities:

  • Reports for employer, employee and authorised third party representative (accountants etc.)
  • Termination reports
  • Online account login access for employee and employer
  • Opening and closing kilometre readings tracked via fuel car
  • Monthly drivers report showing actual spend vs budgeted spend, FBT information, vehicle information, lease and finance information, petrol card spend and much more
  • Staff education programs
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